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If you plan on selling your CD or DVD through a retailer, a disc with barcode is an essential addition to your product. Also known as a UPC (Universal Product Code), a barcode is a graphic that contains a unique number that can be read manually, or automatically by scanning the barcode. It allows retailers to easily track sales of your product within their inventory system.

Some retailers insist that your CD or DVD have a barcode before they will carry it. Many of our customers that don’t require a barcode still opt for it, because they feel that a barcode gives their product a professional image.

In order to ensure that no two products contain the same barcode, all barcode providers in Canada must be licensed by GS1 (as we are). To obtain a barcode from GS1 yourself would cost you over $1000. We provide barcodes free to our duplication customers. Purchase only a barcode for $30. You just need to log in and provide a product name and catalog number if applicable.